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May 10, 2013

Food can be a medium for love

Food can be a medium for love and a conduit through which to be in service to one’s community. Today was one of our employees last day with us at Roost for now. She has been with us almost since the beginning of our opened doors. She roosted with us through the dark, cold, and quiet days of the winter when we still had folks coming in for juice and warming up with all that dense nutrition. This evening after we finished closing, we all sat with a glass of wine and some donuts from the Holy Donut in Portland and it’s all we needed to begin an hour of chatting, laughing, and expressing gratitude. It was one of those times where I could pause and truly feel the joy and beauty of the present moment. And it feels good to be consuming homemade donuts that can be made vegan and gluten free, and to know that the owner, Leigh Kellis, makes these donuts with love, and she and her daughter love juice to boot!

One of the reasons we began Roost was to provide an option for people to enjoy organic juice filled with lots of local veggies. And we wanted people to be able to savor their juice in company or by oneself in an atmosphere that was relaxed and cozy. If you get quiet, you may even hear the walls whisper “there is plenty of time,” “you are supported,” “show up as you are,” “be light,” “you have everything you need.”

Adding in juice as part of your nutrition for the day is wonderful! Certainly filling up on food (juice, smoothies, vegan potato donuts) that nourishes us helps us be more alive and balanced in the physical body, enabling us to be able to show up for our lives in a more present and steady way. Food that supports us can help build up our primary food capacity, and by primary food, I am speaking of healthy relationships, respectful family connections, meaningful work, etc.

Food can be a conduit through which we can be in service to our community. As we fill up on more nourishing food, we may become clearer and more centered, and as a result free up some space for ourselves to be in service. When we love and respect ourselves, we are more able to love and respect others. When we feel fulfilled, we are more able to help others and inspire those around us. In addition, gathering around food builds community. As Henri Nouwen so eloquently writes:

“We all need to eat and drink to stay alive. But having a meal is more than eating and drinking. It is celebrating the gifts of life we share. A meal together is one of the most intimate and sacred human events. Around the table we become vulnerable, filling one another’s plates and cups and encouraging one another to eat and drink. Much more happens at a meal than satisfying hunger and quenching thirst. Around the table we become family, friends, community, yes, a body.”

Quench your thirst, satisfy your hunger, and roost yourself in solitude or community Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday 10am-3pm

11 Free St

Portland, ME

Love & Juice,


May 4, 2013



An even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.


Let’s talk about BALANCE

Let’s talk about all the good things

And the bad things that may be

To be steady, to be fully standing

or upside down and steady

honor your whole-self



opportunity knocks not just once

Be Balanced

that’s your essence

that’s your presence

Kathleen and I started Roost House of Juice with an intention to cultivate balance for ourselves, and invite that for our customers, for our community. We developed our menu of juice, smoothies, vegan food, & wine with the hope of encouraging people to try on eating more fruits and veggies- to add in more plants, and to honor their specific needs and often the multiplicities and ambiguities that exist within all of us. We love that we can serve the raw gluten free vegan that is very limited when it comes to eating out; we love that we can serve up a collard wrap to a man who normally eats turkey sandwiches for lunch but is choosing to add in a plant based option once a week; we love that we can serve up a glass of organic bio-dynamic wine to someone after work while they roost and enjoy a side of savory crackers and dairy free cashew ricotta spread; we love that we can serve up a chocolate coconut macaroon to a young girl who has an egg allergy and normally cannot eat macaroons; we love that we get to make a hard core green juice for a young girl who requests fennel, kale, and ginger in her juice creation!  Everyone is welcome here, as you are, as you are, and we come as we are.

I was talking recently with a friend about relationships, and I was unloading about how I am feeling right now about the world around me and the suffering and violence that exists. I was like, on one hand knowing all this is happening makes me seize life more- life is fragile, so make a difference while you can, say what you need to say while you are here and do what you need to do… and as Mumford & Sons sing in their song, “love with urgency but not with haste” all that is going on inside myself. On the other end, in leui of recent world happenings, there is a feeling of being broken down, unmotivated, fearful of the inevitable presence of suffering in this life and a forgetting of the magic, mystery, and miracles that also exist in this life. My friend said it sounds like you have one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake. STUCK, yes is how I feel. I am pressing the gas and pressing the brake so I am not going anywhere, no movement, no balance. My friend encouraged me not to press hard on the brake or the gas, but in order to move forward, there has to be some form of nuanced play with both the gas and the break-subtle, slight, always refining, go a mile, pause, reflect, be aware, and then maybe eventually go another mile. And maybe it is okay to be stuck sometimes,-what is there to learn here? how can I practice being present right now and be okay in all of it? How can I trust that all will balance out and no feeling is final?

I write this now as a person who in the beginning of the week, a few times, ate over some sadness and fear with some coconut ice cream and sweets and bread and chips, who later in the week, was like, I’m done eating over my feelings for now, so opted for some juice and raw foods instead to lift me up a bit.  Now, as I write this at the end of a busy week at Roost House of Juice, I recognize that I let myself ride the wave of my uncomfortable feelings, allowed myself to play with the brake and gas, and arrived at a place of equilibrium again on this fine sunny Saturday.

As I sit here now on Saturday night, I am grateful for an evening promenade and chat with a friend filled with a setting sun, lots of blooming cherry blossom trees, laughter, and spring dreams!




Need holiday gifts for your loved ones?

We’ve got it.

Roost House of Juice
Juice of the Month Club!    

The PERFECT one size fits all gift for any season or holiday. Support the strengthening of your immune system and nurture the journey to vital health-this is the gift that keeps on giving.

2 OPTIONS to gift the happy people in your life (including yourself).

OPTION 1: 1-24 oz juice once a month for 6 months

Month 1: Emerge & See

Month 2: North Woods

Month 3: Regulator

Month: 4: Turnip the Beet

Month 5: Cool Hand Luke

Month 6: Raise Your GPA

OPTION 2: 1-24 oz juice once a month for 1 FULL YEAR!


Month 1-6: Same as above

Month 7: Cucumber Lemon Apple

Month 8: Return of the Radi

Month 9: Shaktini

Month 10: Arugulita

Month 11: Roost Root Juice

Month 12: Surprise Surprise Surprise!

*Included in the price is the cost of the juice (equal to 3-8 oz  juices for family or friend sharing), the 24 oz mason jar and some Roost Inspiration. Juice pick ups will be the first Saturday of each month beginning Saturday, January 5th!  Roost is able to accommodate juice recipes for allergies-but with this package, unless previously arranged, will be unable to make substitutions in the juices.
For more info and ingredients on each juice of the month, please visit our Roost menu page. 

To purchase, please call Roost 207.899.4275, or email for more information.


Tarot Juice & Wine Night

December 11th, 5-7pm! 

6 spots left!

5:20, 5:30, 6:10, 6:20, 6:30, 6:40 
$15 for your 10 minute reading and a juice, or glass of wine!

Heather Nichols from Portland’s own Stones and Stuff is back again at Roost for our 2nd round of Tarot Juice & Wine Night.

To reserve your time, please email or call Tuesday, 899.4275.




We invite you to join us at Roost House of Juice for delight-full events this December!

Dec 7th, 5-7pm

First Friday Art Walk at Roost!

We’re featuring new art on our walls for this month’s FIRST FRIDAY ART WALK. We’ll be open our regular hours, serving our full menu and from 5-7 offering 5 dollar wine specials.

Please join us for a showcase of Heidi Record’s (also known as Surf Gypsy) oceanic appreciation photographs. (All of which will be for sale and they make great holiday gifts!)

Dec 11th, 5-7pm
Juice, Wine & Tarot Night

Welcome back Heather Nichols from Portland’s own Stones and Stuff  to Roost House of Juice for our SECOND round of Tarot & Wine or Juice Night. The evening’s readings are 10 minutes and it’s only $15 for your first juice or glass of wine plus the reading. Feel free to call your friends and make an evening out of it – but don’t delay in making your reservation – our first tarot night was a sold-out success!!!
To reserve your time, please call Roost 899.4275. Limited Space, reservations required


This holiday season

We’re offering Roost as a gathering spot for your holiday fetes as well. Call us if you’d like more info on our party rental options. A giant THANK YOU goes out to all of our already booked parties – we’re so proud and happy to have been your choice in providing cozy comfort & cheer this chilly season!

Weekly Specials Continue

Wednesdays: Half price on glasses of wine

Fridays: Kids are free with purchase of an adult item


We have some incredibly-made local gifts for sale and can joyfully provide you with gift certificates to Roost as tokens to your loved ones and for all those stockings that need stuffing!

May your days be Merry & Bright,

Kathleen & Jeanette

Tarot Readings with Wine or Juice at Roost House of Juice~

The ancient art of a tarot card reading is not meant to tell your fortune or future or to answer yes or no, but instead is to be used as a guide to help you make decisions yourself.
Whether you bring a carefully constructed question, are seeking an open-ended reading, or are simply intrigued by the influences of the wands, cups, swords, and circles in your life, join us on
TONIGHT! TUESDAY, October 30 from 5-7pm for this special evening of readings with Heather Nichols.

Come prepared to hear anything that comes to Heather in your time together. She relays all the information she receives.

Your first glass of wine or *juice is included in the cost.
PLEASE call Roost (899.4275) to make a reservation for your tarot time, as there is limited space for readings.

*The juice we’re featuring for this evening is this month’s Give-A-Hoot and a part of the profit will help to support A COMPANY OF GIRLS. Please check our website to find out more about the

Grand Opening Party!

First Friday Art Walk

October 5th, 6-8pm

Please join us for a revolving door open house and grand opening party. We will be celebrating with samples of juice, food, and wine! We will be featuring the beautiful canvas photographs of Annie Ritchie!

Roost House of Juice Kickstarter Video

We need your support!

We are excited! Roost House of Juice will be opening its doors soon to the Portland, Maine community. As an artisan juice and smoothie bar, Roost will be serving up fresh-pressed juices and smoothies with as much local organic Maine produce as possible. Roost will be entirely plant-based with no soy, no gluten, and no dairy.

Currently under construction, we need the help of the people in our community and beyond to help us finish that process and get us up-and-going.

We have put together a Kickstarter Video as a platform for people to help support the opening of Roost House of Juice. Please peruse this video for fun and have a giggle!

You will find that this video offers the potential for you to help uphold this vision. Please also share it with your friends, with strangers, with anyone who is interested in supporting this dream becoming a reality.

Join the movement to get Roost’s doors open and we will be so happy to invite you to rest and rejuvenate with organic fresh pressed juice, non dairy smoothies, plant-based food, and sustainable organic wines.

You will be served by our knowledgeable staff members and experience the bliss that inspired our mission to create this space.

For more information about our mission, philosophy and offerings, please visit our website:


New Location of Roost House of Juice Portland Maine

Roost is currently under construction. Please continue to visit our site for the most current updates on when we will officially open our doors.

Cold Pressed Juices, Smoothies, Plant-Based & Gluten-Free Foods, Organic Wines, and more!