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New Beat Farm

Adrienne Lee & Ken Lamson

New Beat Farm is a MOFGA Certified organic farm growing vegetables, flowers and herbs in the heart of Waldo county’s rich agricultural community. They farm because it’s the best way for them to live by their ideals and to give back. Their farming reflects their interest in building healthy, self-sufficient communities.

New Beat Farm grows their food with the utmost of care for soil fertility in an effort to produce the most nutrient dense food for their shareholders and market customers while at the same time minimizing their reliance on farm inputs from outside their bioregion. Their fields are worked by hand and by their team of workhorses!

Please visit New Beat Farm’s site for more info!

Green Spark Farm

Mary Ellen & Austin Chadd

Green Spark Farm cultivates rare and heirloom vegetables, cut flowers, garden seedlings, and medicinal herbs in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. At Green Spark Farm, they grow produce reflecting food biodiversity: rare and uniquely flavorful and colorful annual fruits and vegetables. Green Spark Farm produces beautiful vegetables for the Greater Portland community. Mary Ellen & Austin practice ecological agriculture, balancing the ecology of the farm with the surrounding landscape to encourage soil health, plant nutrition, and beneficial insects and microbial life, all of which contribute to a resilient farming system within a wild environment. AllĀ  farm products are certified organic by MOFGA Certification Services, LLC.

Please visit their website for more information.


Fishbowl Farm

Chris Cavendish & Gallit Sammon

Fishbowl Farm is a diversified vegetable farm located in the beautiful hamlet of Bowdoinham, Maine. The land is nestled on the northern shore of Merrymeeting Bay, the largest estuary north of Cape Cod. Due to the unique geologic processes that created this area, the land is some of the richest cropland available to growers in Maine. Located just thirty miles north of Portland and ten miles north of Brunswick this location is a special place to grow vegetables, while raising a family close to the cultural graces of those towns.

Fishbowl Farm sells its produce at Farmers’ Markets in Portland and Brunswick year round, supply several local markets and restaurants with fresh food, and offer CSA memberships throughout the year.

Please visit their site to learn more about their philosophy and CSA program.

Freedom Farm

Daniel & Ginger

Freedom Farm is a 55 acre farm nestled in the southwest corner of Freedom, Maine. They currently grow 10 acres of MOFGA certified organic mixed vegetables, and naturally raised lamb and fiber. They distribute these products to a variety of farmers’ markets throughout the state including Portland, Belfast and Bar Harbor. They sell to a number of restaurants located in several different regions, and manage a community supported agriculture program.

Please visit their website for more info!

Dandelion Spring Farm

Beth Schiller & Lee Straw

Proudly, a small farm in Newcastle, Maine, Dandelion Spring is a MOFGA Certified Organic operation that lives in tandeem with Straw Farm. With six acres of mixed vegetables they specialize in mixed salad greens of many types, but enjoy the full compliment of vegetable crops. They are very interested in Biodynamic methods and are slowly working toward incorporating more of them into our practice. Their products can be found at the farmers’ markets in Rockland and Portland, and at many natural food stores and restaurants along the coast from Camden south to Scarborough.

Please visit Dandelion Spring Farm’s website for more info!