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Need holiday gifts for your loved ones?

We’ve got it.

Roost House of Juice
Juice of the Month Club!    

The PERFECT one size fits all gift for any season or holiday. Support the strengthening of your immune system and nurture the journey to vital health-this is the gift that keeps on giving.

2 OPTIONS to gift the happy people in your life (including yourself).

OPTION 1: 1-24 oz juice once a month for 6 months

Month 1: Emerge & See

Month 2: North Woods

Month 3: Regulator

Month: 4: Turnip the Beet

Month 5: Cool Hand Luke

Month 6: Raise Your GPA

OPTION 2: 1-24 oz juice once a month for 1 FULL YEAR!


Month 1-6: Same as above

Month 7: Cucumber Lemon Apple

Month 8: Return of the Radi

Month 9: Shaktini

Month 10: Arugulita

Month 11: Roost Root Juice

Month 12: Surprise Surprise Surprise!

*Included in the price is the cost of the juice (equal to 3-8 oz  juices for family or friend sharing), the 24 oz mason jar and some Roost Inspiration. Juice pick ups will be the first Saturday of each month beginning Saturday, January 5th!  Roost is able to accommodate juice recipes for allergies-but with this package, unless previously arranged, will be unable to make substitutions in the juices.
For more info and ingredients on each juice of the month, please visit our Roost menu page. 

To purchase, please call Roost 207.899.4275, or email jeanette@roosthouseofjuice.com for more information.