1 1 Free Street Portland Maine
Tuesday-Friday 10a-5p Saturday 10a-3p

Mission Statement

Our commitment is to elevate compassion and acceptance for all living beings, while cultivating an environment full of awareness and peace. Our intention is to live freely in this flexible holding space called ROOST and to move with the process; gaining momentum as it moves us. Through the attention and care we express through our wares, words and actions, we aspire to create a meaningful experience for everyone who arrives at ROOST.  We hope to inspire conscious consumption by providing the abundance of Maine’s local goodness, along with knowledge of the source and sustainability of other offerings. By feeding ourselves and our community with healing, clean foods and honest communication, we vow to celebrate a life full of meaning and excitement, with a burning enthusiasm for each daily adventure. We invite you to gather in this space where that which is essential is already at hand.


Our Philosophy

At Roost we are dedicated to the practices of “Sacred Commerce,” a business practice concept designed by Matthew and Terces Engelhart, founders of California’s Cafe Gratitude (an organic, vegan restaurant chain started in the Bay area). Sacred Commerce is the notion of running a business as a path to awakening, and the understanding that it is both possible and beneficial to have successful commercial business ventures that are socially, environmentally, morally and spiritually responsible and aware.

The primary reason we began Roost was to serve the community and create more vitality for everyone who comes into contact with the business, from our employees and owners to customers and vendors. We have designed our business with intention, harmony, balance, passion and attention. By cultivating awareness and creating a space that feels like “home,” we hope you will easily find yourself spending time and energy at Roost.

We intend to serve the community through a variety of specials, such as our rotating “Give a Hoot Juice.” A percentage of the profit from this juice will go to a selected local organization or program that aligns with our mission to create a healthier, more peaceful, and positive Portland. We will also give discounts to patrons who arrive at Roost on bike or by mass transportation, bring their own reusable beverage container and/or napkin, and who have practiced yoga that day.

Roost is devoted to utilizing and promoting local farmers, artists and other local businesses, and we believe it is important to be educated about the products one is consuming. Therefore, Roost offers complete transparency of our ingredients and product sources, and happily provides additional educational information as requested.

The benefits of juicing sustain overall health, thereby creating and maintaining a healthier community and city. We will cultivate a space for people to consume these nutrient – and vitamin – dense foods and to discover how to make step-by-step changes to their lifestyle to include incorporating more fruits and veggies, physical movement, stress reduction activities, awareness and positivity.